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'Why Gandhi can still help us give peace a chance'

Interview with Rajmohan in 'The Scotsman'

Insanyat Amidst Insanity: Recollections of 1947

Usha and Rajmohan Gandhi travel to Lahore to talk to people about the Partition and the memories it has left behind: some painful and others that recount acts of courage and compassion. This unearthing of the dark and the noble, they hope, will assist in the healing of the subcontinent. Three articles in the Tribune of India, plus letters from readers in response.

'No One is to Blame for Their DNA'

Rajmohan Gandhi warns against the poisonous wind which targets people for being born Muslim, American or Jew.

'Closing Chapters of Enmity'

Chapter by Rajmohan Gandhi in 'After Terror: Promoting Dialogue among Civilizations'. Edited by Akbar Ahmed and Brian Forst. Cambridge: Polity Press, 2005

'Talking of Grandfathers'

Rajmohan Gandhi and Afsandyar Khan, the grandsons of Mahatma Gandhi and Badshah Khan, were in New Delhi for the launch of "Ghaffar Khan", a Penguin publication. ZIYA US SALAM speaks to the duo to find out why the Frontier Gandhi is more relevant now than before.
Article in the Hindustan Times