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'Unopened Books and Books of Fire: History and the Subcontinent'

Remarks given at Yale University.

'A Perspective on Partition'

Chapter by Rajmohan Gandhi in 'The Partition in Retrospect'. Ed. Amrik Singh. New Delhi: Anamika Publishers in association with National Institute of Panjab Studies, 2000.

'Roots of Violence: Springs of Healing'

A Review of Rajmohan's book 'Revenge & Reconciliation' by Dr Charis Waddy

'Globalizing the Hearts of East and West'

Extracts from a talk by Rajmohan at a session, 'Money, Globalization and Equality', during the Caux Conference for Business and Industry, July 2000.

'Peace & Identity: Some Reflections on the South Asia Experience'

Eighth Annual Vernon M. and Minnie I. Lynch Lecture on Conflict Resolution for the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University