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Rajmohan Gandhi writes about Kashmir in the Indian Express

"Drop the stone…," writes Rajmohan Gandhi in The Indian Express, "because, to embarrass the rest of us into caring, Kashmiris must use fresh methods, free of radical Islam, free of violence."

Rajmohan Gandhi responds to PM Modi’s question on why BR Ambedkar resigned in 1951

Understanding the Founding Fathers

Rajmohan Gandhi's new book, 'Understanding the Founding Fathers: An Enquiry into the Indian Republic’s Beginnings', is, writes the Times of India, "a thought-provoking work that the author, a grandson of the Mahatma, has penned and despite his relationship, he is quite balanced and freely acknowledges his grandfather's shortcomings and mistakes. And there is something new that most of us will find, though it may not be very salutary, eg. What ex-INA men ended up doing.

AAP win in Delhi polls: Now people will compare performance against promises

Rajmohan Gandhi assesses the recent election in an article in the Economic Times

The rising tide of coercion

Writing in The Tribune, Rajmohan Gandhi calls for the creation of a climate where diversity and diverse opinions are respected.