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'The Middle Stage'

Chandrahas Choudhury interviews Rajmohan Gandhi about his new book 'A Tale of Two Revolts'.

Gandhi visits Palestine and Israel

As part of their journey to several countries, Prof Rajmohan Gandhi and his wife Usha visited the West Bank and Israel at the beginning of April. Along with Edward Peters they were guests of Dr Mustafa Barghouthi and the Palestinian National Initiative in the West Bank before continuing to Jerusalem for 24 hours.

'All Pakistanis aren't terrorists'

Rajmohan Gandhi strongly advised against labelling all Pakistanis as terrorists and shared his three-point mantra for India to become a world power, one of which was that people in the country should stop stereotyping on the basis of religion. He was speaking at a lecture organised on the 50th death anniversary of Gandhi's close aide J.C. Kumarappa, who died at Jan 30, 1960.