Mahatma Gandhi

What Would Gandhi Do?

21 April, 2011

Streaming video of talk titled "Building Peace: What Would Gandhi Do?" at the International Affairs Forum, Northwestern Michigan College, Traverse City, MI on April 21, 2011

Rajmohan Gandhi and Cleveland Indians

13 January, 2009

Rajmohan Gandhi, next to a statue of his grandfather Mahatma Gandhi, welcomes and praises the Cleveland Indian community for their love of Cleveland, the United States and India. He jokes about the baseball team, Cleveland Indians, and gives a message and wish for peace.

Rajmohan Gandhi visits Brown, Rhode Island

16 November, 2009
During a visit to speak to a packed university meeting on Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi, the Brown Daily Herald interviews Rajmohan Gandhi.

During a visit to speak to a packed university meeting, the Brown Daily Herald interviews Rajmohan Gandhi.

'Gandhi's grandson visits UConn'

2 November, 2009

'Daily Campus', the largest daily college newspaper in the state of Connecticut, reports a talk at the University of Connecticut by Rajmohan Gandhi on the emergence and context of Gandhi's nonviolence, or ahimsa.

Honouring Martin Luther King's spiritual debt to Gandhi

1 December, 1998

Rajmohan Gandhi joined 16 black Americans and nearly 100 other travellers on a 'yatra' through Gujarat, land of Mahatma Gandhi's birth. They came to honour Martin Luther King's spiritual debt to Gandhi.

Mahatma Gandhi's Grandson Meets US Policymakers

29 March, 2007

Rajmohan and Usha Gandhi visited Washington DC for private meetings with senior Administration officials and Members of Congress, and public engagements at the World Bank, the Library of Congress and George Washington University. In these meetings Rajmohan suggested that much could be learned from the Mahatma’s attitudes to violence and non-violence, his profound respect for all individuals and faiths, his commitment to empower the marginalized and his determination to bridge the Hindu-Muslim divide.

'Being Mohandas'

12 April, 2007

"We all know that a radical, all-encompassing love of humanity can be one of the most transformative forces on earth. Rajmohan Gandhi's book reminds us that it can spring from the most ordinary of hearts."

Gandhiji’s Grandsons Discuss Non-Violence And Ethnic Co-existence at San Diego Event

14 February, 2009

Two of the four surviving grandsons of Mahatma Gandhi visited the campus of the University of California, San Diego on Feb. 14 to participate in the annual Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Lecture series – and they did so to a standing-room-only audience.

What would Gandhi do?

1 May, 2009

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The new President of Initiatives of Change International, Rajmohan Gandhi, shares his grandfather’s peace-building mission. Mike Lowe reports.

Address to Mahatma Gandhi Canadian Foundation

2 October, 2002

Keynote address at Annual Banquet of the Mahatma Gandhi Canadian Foundation for World Peace