Mohandas: A True Story of a Man, His People and an Empire

1 October, 2007

A candid recreation of one of the most influential lives of recent times, this book finally answers questions long asked about the timid youth from India's west coast who became a century's conscience and led his nation to liberty: What was Gandhi like in his daily life and in his closest relationships? In his face-offs with an Empire, with his own bitterly divided people, with his adversaries, his family and his greatest confrontation - with himself?

"A more heroic tale has yet to be told... [Mohandas] is meticulously researched, written in felicitous prose and is a delight to read." — Khushwant Singh, Outlook

"Rajmohan strikes a fine balance in this comprehensive work, lacing the painstakingly detailed chronological account with just the right amount of interpretation. [His] approach goes a long way in painting a portrait of Gandhiji that is very human, plausible, and easy to identify with." — Mukund Padmanabhan, The Hindu

"An impeccable exercise in objectivity . . . A remarkable performance. This biography ought to be read over and over again . . . The bareness of Rajmohan’s recital of moods and events heightens the poignancy . . . Mahatma Gandhi was a votary of restraint; this book exemplifies, magnificently, such restraint. The grandfather would have approved of Rajmohan’s Mohandas." — Ashok Mitra, Telegraph

"A story of epic proportions . . . Gandhi’s luminous compassion, courage and humanity shine through these pages and bring light into our lives." — Sonia Gandhi

"The only word to describe this work is 'fabulous'. Literally scores of people have written on Mahatma Gandhi . . . But . . . Mohandas will henceforth be remembered as the last word on the subject." — M.V. Kamath, Organizer

Published by : Penguin Books India
Published : 01-Oct-2007
ISBN : 9780143104117

There are also US, UK and French editions.

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