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Rajmohan Gandhi speaks at Swiss Foreign Affairs conference

Rajmohan Gandhi, the President of Initiatives of Change International was one of the guest speakers on this year’s theme: ‘When religions and worldviews meet’.

'Why Partition Occurred: An Understanding'

Full text of the Sarat Bose Memorial Lecture by Rajmohan Gandhi Netaji Bhawan, Kolkata, 6.30 pm, Saturday 6 March 2010

The brighter side of midnight

The Times of India writes about a recent Ford Foundation project by Nandy and Rajmohan Gandhi which "stands out as something that specifically deals with the humane side of Partition and is helping the process of reconciliation begin".

Visit to Brazil

On the 23rd of June the Gandhi Voyage travelling group reached Brazil, a country known for its energizing samba, colorful carnival and fantastic football.

Visit to Mexico

The Latin American leg of the ‘Voyage of Dialogue and Discovery’ began last week in Mexico City, one of the world’s most populated cities. Mexico is winning on the football field, and the surge of nationalism and pride accompanying their team’s success is palpable. But beyond the flag flying and painted faces of green, white and red, are Mexicans ready to take the next steps as a people, ‘from patriotism to citizenship’ to claim their history, take responsibility for their challenges and become the leaders in world they should be?