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'The Good Boatman' being translated into Chinese

Under the headline "'The Good Boatman' sails to China", the website china.org.cn reports the translation into Chinese of Rajmohan's first book about his grandfather.

Visit to Cleveland, Ohio

Rajmohan Gandhi spoke at the City Club of Cleveland about his grandfather and his new book. He also visited the Indian Cultural Garden in Cleveland. He spoke about his grandfather and posed for photos in front of the impressive Mahatma Gandhi statue. He also assisted in planting and dedicating a tree in the Garden.


Peace Pilgrim Award Presented to Dalai Lama by Rajmohan Gandhi

This presentation took place at the First Emory Summit on Religion, Conflict, and Peacebuilding

Mahatma Gandhi's Grandson Meets US Policymakers

Rajmohan and Usha Gandhi visited Washington DC for private meetings with senior Administration officials and Members of Congress, and public engagements at the World Bank, the Library of Congress and George Washington University. In these meetings Rajmohan suggested that much could be learned from the Mahatma’s attitudes to violence and non-violence, his profound respect for all individuals and faiths, his commitment to empower the marginalized and his determination to bridge the Hindu-Muslim divide.

Visit to Britain

When Initiatives of Change invited the Gandhis to Britain, the London bombings of July 2005 had not yet taken place. The visit was all the more relevant in the light of the fractures in British society which these events brought into sharper focus. A report is available via the link below.