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Gandhi Voyage starts in world's largest Muslim nation

At the age of 16, Rajmohan Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, answered the door one day to receive a message for his father, then editor of the daily Hindustan Times. The message read: ‘Prime Minister of Pakistan, Liaquat Ali Khan, shot. Further details to follow.’ The young Gandhi, keen to impress, retorted: ‘I hope the further news will be that he is dead.’

Visit to Sri Lanka

The visit of Rajmohan and Usha Gandhi was on the invitation of Initiatives of Change, Sri Lanka. The visit, the main purpose of which was to meet friends from the past and in relatively small groups, those who could help in building bridges between the many groups, who over the years had allowed barriers to arise and divisions of mistrust to be created. The visit had as its theme, ‘ Onward with Truth and Integrity for Justice and Peace. ’

The Gandhis were met on arrival at 2230 hrs, at the VIP lounge of the Bandaranaike International Airport by Ms. Rohini de Mel and Hiran Fernando.

'All Pakistanis aren't terrorists'

Rajmohan Gandhi strongly advised against labelling all Pakistanis as terrorists and shared his three-point mantra for India to become a world power, one of which was that people in the country should stop stereotyping on the basis of religion. He was speaking at a lecture organised on the 50th death anniversary of Gandhi's close aide J.C. Kumarappa, who died at Jan 30, 1960.

Rajmohan Gandhi in Switzerland: ‘Non-Violent Resistance is as relevant as ever!’

Rajmohan Gandhi spoke at a public lecture at the University of Geneva on the theme ‘The message of Mahatma Gandhi and Asia today’.

Hamilton Peace Festival

On a short lecture-visit around Gandhi birthday to the cities of Hamilton and Toronto in Canada’s Ontario Province (2-5 October), it was heartening to find energy and commitment for bridging divides.