India Pakistan Relations

'Joining hands for peace'

22 July, 2008

Article in Dawn on Indo-Pak relations

Insanyat Amidst Insanity: Recollections of 1947

16 October, 2005 - 30 October, 2005

Usha and Rajmohan Gandhi travel to Lahore to talk to people about the Partition and the memories it has left behind: some painful and others that recount acts of courage and compassion. This unearthing of the dark and the noble, they hope, will assist in the healing of the subcontinent. Three articles in the Tribune of India, plus letters from readers in response.

'A Perspective on Partition'

31 August, 2000

Chapter by Rajmohan Gandhi in 'The Partition in Retrospect'. Ed. Amrik Singh. New Delhi: Anamika Publishers in association with National Institute of Panjab Studies, 2000.

Eight Lives: A Study of the Hindu-Muslim Encounter

15 March, 1986

This book, published by the State University of New York Press, tells of eight prominent men involved in the politics of India in the period leading up to Partition.

New book

Researched in India, Pakistan and at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Rajmohan Gandhi's latest book narrates a 240-year story of what old-timers know as undivided Punjab, beginning with the 1707 death of Emperor Aurangzeb and ending with the 1947 division into West Punjab and East Punjab. More