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Patel: A Life

A biography of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

'Celebration of Hope' in Richmond

Rajmohan Gandhi spoke to hundreds at a 'celebration of hope' at the site of a former Civil War gun foundry in Richmond. He joined descendants of slaves and of slave owners to affirm a powerful movement for healing and reconciliation that began at a conference in 1993.

'Nobody's Idea of the Typical Politician'

Feature about the film 'Encounters with Truth' in which British film-maker David Channer probes what one of the Mahatma's grandsons has made of his heritage.

'Gandhi's Appeal'

When Rajmohan, a grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, announced that he was running against the incumbent PM, few thought that he might win.

'The Past is Too Much With Us'

In calling me `Baba' she was not accusing me of being a black sheep; as you will have noticed, her complaint was different. In Hindi, `Baba' can mean a father.