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US & India - The Calls For Justice

Will the U.S. protests bring Trump’s innings to a close, wonders Rajmohan Gandhi, or will white America consolidate behind a “law and order” slogan?

How a remark by a doctor in Wuhan evoked Gandhi’s efforts, why it matters

By underscoring the equal vulnerability of every member of the human family, COVID-19 has shown the silliness in blaming persons for their skin-colour, blood-group or religion, writes Rajmohan Gandhi in the Indian Express.

An Epic Story Never Seen Before Is Unfolding in the US

The diversity of the protests is similar to the anti-Citizenship Amendment Act marches in India, writes Rajmohan Gandhi in The Wire.

CAA doesn’t carry out Mahatma Gandhi’s wishes, it brazenly defies them

To imply that Gandhi wanted the Hindu minorities of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan to migrate to India, or that a CAA enabling such a migration fulfils Gandhi’s wishes, is to turn history on its head. Gandhi wanted India too to protect its minorities.

Hindu Nationalism in Gandhi's India

As part of Georgetown University's India Initiative, Rajmohan Gandhi reflected on Mahatma Gandhi's legacy and ideals within the modern context. A full video of his reflections and subsequent Q&A is available.

The fearless dissenter who had a plan to make the countryside hum with life — that is the Gandhi India needs

"Gandhi thought India’s independence would mean little unless it also meant the independence of every Indian," writes Rajmohan Gandhi in the Indian Express

What religion meant to the Mahatma

"For him, religion was not nationality," writes Rajmohan Gandhi in the Hindustan Times. "All citizens, irrespective of their beliefs, had a right to India."

Privately, he cried out to God

"‘Hate not,’ he said. ‘Fear not,’ he added. ‘Know the other person’s pain,’ he sang. Gandhi was not perfect; no human being is. But his message rings true. The world seems to need it." An article in the Deccan Chronicle by Rajmohan Gandhi.

Gandhi, the champion of the right to dissent

"The ekla chalo Gandhi is more relevant today than the magician at whose call people came to the streets," writes Rajmohan Gandhi in the Live Mint.

Cosmopolitan nationalist

"A planet riven by inequality and injustice needs Gandhi's example more than ever today," writes Rajmohan Gandhi in India Today.