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Creating a cult of anti-Gandhis

"The hot-headed Hindu young men of today do not know or care about nuances," writes Rajmohan Gandhi in the Hindustan Times."That Savarkar was, in ideological terms, well to the right of Subhas Chandra Bose, and even farther to the right of Bhagat Singh, does not detain them unduly."

What Gandhi really told the RSS chief

"In his article (‘The Mahatma and the Sangh’, IE, April 12), Manmohan Vaidya, the RSS joint general secretary, recalls an interesting meeting that took place in Delhi in 1947 between Mahatma Gandhi and M S Golwalkar, the RSS chief at that time," writes Rajmohan Gandhi in the Indian Express

A new temple, a new mosque

"Ayodhya’s disputing sides can come together. The Supreme Court can direct them to do so." Rajmohan Gandhi writes in the Indian Express.

The Sentinel reviews new book

Billed as “a masterpiece in every sense of the word”, writes The Sentinel, Rajmohan Gandhi’s upcoming book “Modern South India” is promoted by its publisher Aleph as an authoritative and magnificent work of history about South India that will be read and reflected upon for years to come.

Book Review and Interview in the Hindu

The Hindu has both reviewed Rajmohan Gandhi's new book, 'Modern South India', and carried an interview with him.

The Hindu carries extract from Rajmohan Gandhi's new book

The Hindu has run an extract from Rajmohan Gandhi's new book, 'Modern South India: A History from the 17th Century to our Times'

Age of Prejudice

"‘Age of terror’ may be an inadequate term for our times," writes Rajmohan Gandhi in the Indian Express. "Ours is an age where suspicion and loathing infiltrate police stations, courtrooms, newspapers, TV, and dance wildly on social media."

Past Forward: Iron Man, his flesh and blood

On the 31st of this month, when his mammoth statue is unveiled, India will see the Sardar raised to the sky", writes Rajmohan Gandhi in the Indian Express. "Here’s a slice of history."

Transient triumphs

History reveals that popularity of authoritarian leaders and majoritarian agendas is a transitory phenomenon, writes Rajmohan Gandhi in the Indian Express.

Rajmohan Gandhi in Oxford Union Debate

Rajmohan Gandhi was a speaker last month in a debate at the Oxford Union on ‘This house regrets the Partition of India’. His talk is available on video, with extracts and a report also.