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Intersections Podcast: the Power of Gandhi's Inner Practices for Today’s Charged Times

Rajmohan Gandhi in conversation with Dr Hitendra Wadhwa, Adjunct Professor of Practice, Columbia Business School, and Founder & President, Mentora Institute.

BBC Hindi interview

BBC's Iqbal Ahmad interviews Rajmohan Gandhi (in New Delhi, in Hindi) on India's current ideological climate.

When the Mahatma returned home

Hindustan Times podcast: 1947: Road to Indian Independence. Prashant Jha with Rajmohan Gandhi.

Absurd to claim Gandhi advised Savarkar to plead for mercy, Rajnath totally wrong

A 30 minute interview with Karan Thapar of The Wire.

Live with Dr. Rajmohan Gandhi - Punjab: A history from Aurungzeb to Mountbatten

Professor Rajmohan Gandhi, in a live discussion with musician Sonam Kalra.

Hindu Nationalism in Gandhi's India

As part of Georgetown University's India Initiative, Rajmohan Gandhi reflected on Mahatma Gandhi's legacy and ideals within the modern context. A full video of his reflections and subsequent Q&A is available.

Rajmohan Gandhi on South Indian history, the BJP and Islamophobia

Listen to historian Rajmohan Gandhi, talk about South Indian history, soft v hard hindutva and how the BJP promotes Islamophobia.

Rajmohan Gandhi in Oxford Union Debate

Rajmohan Gandhi was a speaker last month in a debate at the Oxford Union on ‘This house regrets the Partition of India’. His talk is available on video, with extracts and a report also.

Was Gandhi like us, and can we be like him?

Recording of lecture by Rajmohan Gandhi at IIT Bombay

Interview on Portuguese TV channel RTP2

Rajmohan Gandhi was interviewed on public TV channel in Portugal. The full interview is available.