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Why Ajit Doval Should be Thanked

Majoritarians and authoritarians, whether native or foreign, may have to reckon with the inner Hind Swaraj of the "ordinary" Indian - in the home, the street, the polling booth, the classroom, the courtroom, wherever.

Why Sardar Patel supported Partition

"Some currently popular notions about what was agreed upon in 1947, and about who accepted or opposed Partition, need demolition," says Rajmohan Gandhi.

SRK, Aryan Khan Rouse India's Buried Insaniyat

What I am enjoying most is the taste of the widening admission that all Indians should be bound to one another in mutual goodwill and equal respect.

Absurd to claim Gandhi advised Savarkar to plead for mercy, Rajnath totally wrong

A 30 minute interview with Karan Thapar of The Wire.

My Request To Hindu Platforms Of All Sorts

"Calm, serene, silent faces that avoid looking at cruelty, or wink at it, can only disgrace Hinduism," writes Rajmohan Gandhi.

The great Indian paradox

A review of 'The Great Hindu Civilisation' by Pavan K.Varma, published in India Today. Read it in this PDF

Yes, Hinduism Is Indeed Under Threat

If Hinduism is more than a race, if Hinduism is a set of values needed by people of all races, languages, and colours, ... please save Hinduism from its excited champions.

Blood brothers

Was Partition itself a horror?

Impact Of Kabul Suicide Attacks On Biden And US

"The people of Afghanistan are our neighbours; thousands of them are at this moment studying in India. Their welfare has to be our concern."

A "Yes Or No" Question For Modi On Partition

"My question is, are displaced or killed Muslims included in our sisters and brothers?" writes Rajmohan Gandhi on NDTV.