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The Obvious Intent Of The Two-Child Policy

If a tide must run its course, let it at least hear some rationality and some outrage.

India Must Be Aware Of A New Pak Reality - And Its Impact

The worry in some Indian circles that America's exit from Afghanistan might benefit Pakistan vis-à-vis India is yielding place to a calmer realization that actually the country most disadvantaged by the exit is Pakistan.

Live with Dr. Rajmohan Gandhi - Punjab: A history from Aurungzeb to Mountbatten

Professor Rajmohan Gandhi, in a live discussion with musician Sonam Kalra.

The Defeat Of PM Modi’s Cult Of Personality

"Covid's horror cannot suppress the fact that the Indian voter has breathed hope back into our democracy," writes Rajmohan Gandhi.

A Disease like COVID

PM Modi must in clear language tell the Indian people and the world that his government will protect tolerance, decency and equal human rights.

What To Make Of Amit Shah's Warning After Nuns' Harassment

The ABVP young men who alerted the railway police about the "crime" they were witnessing as their train, the Utkal Express, was speeding along clearly thought they were doing a patriotic duty.

Lessons from the Republican Cult of Trump

Rajmohan Gandhi writes: PM Modi has a lot in common with the former US president and the Republican Party’s submission to Trump is bound to invite questions about the BJP.

Just Who Is Spoiling India's Image? A View From The US

This has not been the best season for New Delhi's "chhavi" managers.

Hindutva's Conscience-keepers

Like Republicans against Trumpism, dissenters within BJP must speak up, writes Rajmohan Gandhi

Trump's last days in power

Dispersed across their vast land, individual Americans keep their country going and their leaders within bounds.