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Hindutva Is Running Into Difficulties - by Rajmohan Gandhi

Signs suggest that splitting the Indian population from one another, and pointing to one segment as the source of all problems, is a policy now facing the law of diminishing appeal.

The Viral Video Of Karnataka Women Shows Modi Should Worry

When future historians write of majority victimhood, India will be example number one...Mercifully, both India and Hinduism are much greater, and better represented by the silent millions who only occasionally speak up. By people, for example, like the women in that Karnataka village.

Let us be a bridge of Trust with heart of transformation

Rajmohan Gandhi gave Keynote Remarks at the IofC Japan Conference, Oct. 23-24, 2021

A look at visionaries—past and present, young and old—who continue to inspire India

When not only partition but also carnage accompanied India’s independence in 1947, Winston Churchill, who had never concealed his dislike of the freedom movement, claimed that anarchy would be free India’s fate. “The future,” he prophesied in September 1947, “will witness a vast abridgment of India’s population.”

The Lavish Varanasi Spectacle Highlighting One Individual

Will Modi overcome his defeat at the hands of the farmers by staging spectacular shows like the one he just put up at Varanasi? His showmanship is not in doubt, and his skills with costume, make-up, scenery, lights, sound and camera are of a high order. Moreover, what he is marketing through his shows can seem extremely attractive.

"I Don't Know," Says Biden On Omicron

Race, guns and Covid - the last in its Omicron incarnation - remain live issues in the US.

Why Ajit Doval Should be Thanked

Majoritarians and authoritarians, whether native or foreign, may have to reckon with the inner Hind Swaraj of the "ordinary" Indian - in the home, the street, the polling booth, the classroom, the courtroom, wherever.

Why Sardar Patel supported Partition

"Some currently popular notions about what was agreed upon in 1947, and about who accepted or opposed Partition, need demolition," says Rajmohan Gandhi.

SRK, Aryan Khan Rouse India's Buried Insaniyat

What I am enjoying most is the taste of the widening admission that all Indians should be bound to one another in mutual goodwill and equal respect.

Absurd to claim Gandhi advised Savarkar to plead for mercy, Rajnath totally wrong

A 30 minute interview with Karan Thapar of The Wire.