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Preparing our children to encounter the world

"All the different religious and intellectual traditions which over time have become India’s traditions — whether Hindu, Islamic, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist, Zoroastrian, or whatever — all of them foreground compassion, or the urge to assist anyone in need" writes Rajmohan Gandhi in The Hindustan Times.

Review: Fraternity - Constitutional Norm and Human Need

"In a lucid volume on the rarely emphasised virtue of fraternity enshrined by the preamble of our constitution," writes Maaz Bin Bilal in the Hindustan Times, "Rajmohan Gandhi seems to suggest that, despite its recent exclusions, there is hope yet for our society to be more inclusive."

A Citizen of the world in his time and ours

African Americans were speaking and writing about Gandhi from 1917, if not earlier, i.e. almost four decades before King burst upon the American scene. Rajmohan Gandhi writes in the Hindustan Times.

Global India Award for 2024

On April 13, 2024, Michigan State University gave its annual Global India Award for 2024 to Rajmohan Gandhi. MSU's Global India Award "recognizes individuals who have devoted their time and energy to building bridges of understanding between the US and India."

Beyond Votes - A Slice of Hope Amidst Gloom

Democracy does not live or die by votes alone. What India's citizens do outside the polling booth and on days other than voting day is also of consequence. Haven't we just seen that judges, policemen, journalists, lawyers and professors make a difference?

Preserving ‘fraternity’ — the key to holding together the nation’s rich diversity

On Republic Day, here’s an excerpt from Rajmohan Gandhi’s ‘Fraternity: Constitutional Norms and Human Need’, which decodes the pillars that the nation stands on.

Ram Mandir and a complicated history

Is Ram a historical person who came and went? Or is Ram a name for the Eternal God who was, is, and always will be, a name by which crores of Indians try to invoke the Supreme Being, even as others cry out to Shiv, Krishna, Allah, Khuda, Jehovah, Waheguru, or God?

Inclusiveness Can't Be Just About Appealing To Backward Castes

An inclusive society based on the exclusion of some sections is an impossibility.

India is Being Tested

The INDIA bloc was a wonderful idea. When the leaders of the bloc's constituents, aware of their history of fighting one another, came together and expressed a joint resolve to protect the nation's democratic institutions and the rule of law, it appeared to be a landmark event.

Missing in Gaza: Global leaders & peacemakers

Is there a group of influential countries working to take forward the merciful truce towards mutually acceptable coexistence between Israel and Palestine?