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After Gulf Anger, BJP's New-Found Clarity

But leaders in government can also choose to offer their cooperation and their trust to the Indian people, including to people who do not belong to the majority community. Trust cannot flow only in one direction.

India Should Be Wary Of Hindu Supremacy

Human beings, however, have long agreed that exacting revenge on those whom you somehow connect to an earlier wrong done to you is unjustified and unlawful.

India Has Clout With Both Russia And Ukraine

Surely it is now time for influential countries like India, Turkey, South Africa, and Brazil (all of them neutral thus far in this horrific conflict) to work actively, and if possible unitedly, for a cease-fire, to be followed by serious peace talks.

2 Suggestions For Prime Minister Modi

Sometimes, going beyond comment or analysis, a columnist must advise, for he or she is a citizen as well, and citizens have the duty to speak to their leaders... It is about the bulldozer becoming the instrument of choice for governing India, and about the patently selective use of that and other instruments. It is about the frequent picking of helpless Muslims as targets for the coercive arm of the state and of vigilante groups.

India's Image Gets A Boost

Brave people will one day pull the train of the Indian nation to a finer place, where strangers "are also my family". Until then we are stuck in a sorry station called "Victimhood" at one end and "Us and Them" at the other.

Has The War Made China Even More Important?

But using brute force to re-establish the physical control that might have existed in a distant past, and, while doing so, to obliterate the difference between military and civilian targets, and even between the healthy and the hospitalized, and between adults and babies, is not something the world or the people of Russia will forget.

Putin's Aggressive Nationalism Has Run Into A Problem

Nationhood does not demand homogeneity or uniformity. Nor does it require authoritarian or imperial rule by a big neighbour. These too are messages that Ukraine's horrific drama is sending.

The Modi Government's Project Of Erasure

We must not allow ourselves to be fooled. What is advancing before our eyes is not equality but a project of erasure...

Hindutva Is Running Into Difficulties - by Rajmohan Gandhi

Signs suggest that splitting the Indian population from one another, and pointing to one segment as the source of all problems, is a policy now facing the law of diminishing appeal.

The Viral Video Of Karnataka Women Shows Modi Should Worry

When future historians write of majority victimhood, India will be example number one...Mercifully, both India and Hinduism are much greater, and better represented by the silent millions who only occasionally speak up. By people, for example, like the women in that Karnataka village.